Last week we attended as guest star at Microsoft’s seminar in Moscow, dedicated to their new program of partnership, which start today.

We inform those, who missed this quite interesting event that at this seminar Meterx Engineering announced its readiness to help Microsoft partners to raise sales of MS SCOM and the accompanying software, by using our SCOM-based solution Metrex Monitoring as “spearhead”. We are ready to give partners all the profits and bonuses from sales of Microsoft products’ licensees, having left ourselves licensing of our Management Packs, deployment services and support. Besides the fact that this kind of cooperation corresponds well to Microsoft’s partnership’s new policy, aimed to make partners more narrowly focused on their competences and foster more active cooperation in selling complex solutions, our offer opens a way to participate in large-scale projects for those companies, who outgrown a SMB segment.

We also ready to support partners with our experience and competence in developing and deploying solutions based on Microsoft’s products in redundant configurations and on large IT systems. Our experience has shown, using of Metrex Monitoring significantly alters companies’ understanding of its own IT-infrastructure. In particular, improving and planning of corporate IT becomes more consistent. Flexibility and scalability of our solutions allows us to deploy them not only in large but also in medium-sized companies, and thereafter gradually expand the focus of system and grow with the client.

We will help grow your business and your customers’ businesses, creating an effective tool for planning and managing corporate IT-infrastructure, and, if necessary, taking on the care of its maintenance and timely development.