We are glad to inform you that our MP for APC UPS monitoring was updated to the version 2.0. The updates are profound; Therefore only the most considerable general changes are worth mentioning in the list below.

MP general changes are:

  • The UPS Structure was changed and had become more logical. For the UPS with several input (or output) power lines feature of viewing the information for each line was added. apc_ups_classes_structure
  • Rules and monitors were changed in a way to avoid so-called “cookdown” – situations when the same value was requested for several times which slowed down the performance.
  • The set of new rules and monitors was added.
  • Optimization was enabled for all the performance rules. It allows decreasing database load and increasing the speed of performance rules displaying. It is possible to disable the optimization option or change its settings. apc_ups_rule_optimization
  • The data for some performance rules was also stored in Warehouse DB which allowed creating the appropriate data report.
  • Now monitors allow to generate notifications not only for instant condition changes, but also for average values which can be useful to reduce the number of false operations (so-called “jitter”). apc_ups_monitor_avg_num_samples

UPS monitoring changes are:

  • The number of supported results of periodic calibration and scheduled diagnostics tests alerts was increased.

Input and output lines monitoring changes are:

  • Automatic adjustment of thresholds for monitors of current frequency and voltage according to local standards was added. Thus, if in the company has geographically spread offices, it isn’t necessary to change the default thresholds for the UPSs which are in the different countries.
  • Input and output power lines monitoring for specific line.

“Environmental Monitor” monitoring changes are:

  • Automatic adjustment of temperature thresholds depending on the chosen mode measurement (in C or F) was added.