We have a good news for all the people who want to purchase our Management Packs. We offer 30% discount for our products until the 1st of January 2010. At this time our prices are:

Device Type Price, $.
Cisco Switch 70
Cisco Router 210
Cisco Firewall 175

Annual Management Packs’ supporting contract costs 15% of total Management Packs’ purchase sum. This contract includes e-mail technical support and major updates for our Management Packs.

The minimum amount of purchases is $5,000.

Also our discounts for large purchase amount are still valid:

  • 10% when purchase amount is greater than $10,000
  • 20% when purchase amount is greater than $100,000

Management Pack’s licensing model is “Per device”.

Let’s see the following example: your company plans to monitor about 30 switches, 4 firewalls, 10 routers and 20 UPSs with support for our Management Packs. So the monitoring solution will cost:

30*70+4*175+10*210+20*105 = $7,000

Supporting contract will cost: $7,000 * 15% = $1,050

Total sum is $8,050