New prices for Metrex Monitoring announced

Metrex Engineering today announced permanent discounts for software components (management packs) of our Metrex Monitoring solution.
Since 10th March 2011 we charge for licensing of each device of following types:

Device Type Price, $.
Cisco Switch 90
Cisco Router 205
Cisco Firewall 205
Cisco AP 90

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Metrex APC Monitoring MP was updated to version 2.0

We are glad to inform you that our MP for APC UPS monitoring was updated to the version 2.0. The updates are profound; Therefore only the most considerable general changes are worth mentioning in the list below. More »

Metrex APC Monitoring Management Pack

The Metrex APC Monitoring Management Pack extends the System Center Operations Manager 2007 to carry out both proactive and reactive monitoring for the following UPSs by American Power Conversion Corp.

The management pack enables the monitoring of UPS’s components like battery, environmental monitoring card etc. and allows controlling UPS’s parameters such as input voltage, current frequency, output load, battery temperature etc.


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We have a good news for all the people who want to purchase our Management Packs. We offer 30% discount for our products until the 1st of January 2010. At this time our prices are:

Device Type Price, $.
Cisco Switch 70
Cisco Router 210
Cisco Firewall 175

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Customers that attempted to install the Metrex Cisco Management Pack or the Metrex APC Management Pack under Windows 2003 x64 faced a an unexpected requirement from the installer:


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FAQ on management packs for SCOM 2007 by Metrex.

A lot of questions are became quite frequent recently so I’ve decided to post answers to some:

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Monitoring APC equipment with Microsoft SCOM 2007

This article describes our management pack for System Center Operations Manager 2007 (SCOM) which provides monitoring of the APC UPS devices.

Why did we start writing this management pack? The power supply monitoring task becomes more urgent when you have to maintain distributed server rooms. In such environment it is hard to expect that monitoring a single UPS by the native APC application in one room you could predict the behavior of the others.

So let’s take a look at existing UPS monitoring solutions. As far as we have implemented SCOM in our company earlier, we had not been looking for monitoring solutions designed for other (non-SCOM) monitoring systems. Some of our UPSs have an imbedded network management card, some – not and these devices are connected to the servers via USB or a serial cable.  Of course we would like to have a universal monitoring tool working regardless to the connectivity type. These are the solutions we had been tested:

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