This publication is dedicated to CISCO monitoring management pack design by Metrex Engineering team.

I’d like to start from how did we get this way, i.e. why did we start writing our own Cisco management pack.

Some time ago we’ve been trying to use Zabbix, Nagios, OpManager and other systems for the monitoring issue however I’ll skip this part as far as we’re not using it anymore.

The issue is that it’s been a while since we installed SCOM and it had been working well for Windows – based servers. Then we’ve got a predictable idea to have a monitoring system for both servers, network equipment and UPSs. And we have started digging of how to monitor CISCOs with SCOM. In a catalogue on the Microsoft web site we found two third party packages (designed by MS partners and sold separately). I have installed both of them – Quest Software and Jalasoft and have shown to our company network dept… In any event we agreed that they are not suitable for our needs and rather than trying to adjust to the existing solution we’d try to write our own management pack.

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